Death benefits

If you should die while you are an Active Member of the Scheme, the following benefits may be payable:

  • A cash lump sum of three times your annual salary
  • A pension to your spouse/civil partner
  • Pensions for your dependent children

The Trustees of the Scheme have the final say on who should receive any lump sum benefits (meaning the cash lump sum can be paid out free from Inheritance Tax). The Trustees will take your wishes into consideration, which is why it is so important that you complete an Expression of Wish form and keep it up to date as your circumstances change (e.g. if you have a child, get married or divorced).

You can download an Expression of Wish form here.

If you should die while you are receiving a pension or before a deferred pension starts, a cash sum may also be paid.

See also Factsheet 7 Death Benefits.