In Memoriam 2024

Understandably, pensioner members are keen to find out when old friends and colleagues have passed away.

Although the administration team at Buck does not hold all the relevant records, it does ask relatives to provide details when making enquiries at the time of death. However, we appreciate that this is a difficult time for relatives and that it is not always easy or possible to ask for this information. We will endeavour to provide a quarterly update on this page and appreciate the co-operation of all concerned.

Q1 2024


Mrs Mali Thomson WG Member 1983-1992 died 28.01.24
Ms Hannah Zofia Sosnowka VB Member 1974-1985 died 18.03.22
Mr Michael Joseph Barry WG Member 1988-2010 died 23.01.24
Mr Frank Howe VB Member 1972-1994 died 25.01.24
Mr David Jonathan Jones WG Member 1973-2013 died 03.02.24
Mrs Patricia Phillips VB Member 1990-1999 died 11.02.24
Mrs Beryl Roberts WG Member 1998-2006 died 21.02.24